A discussion on Cultural Appropriation from a White Henna Artist

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

If you don’t have the time to read my long winded post about Cultural Appropriation, Please read my quick takeaways!

-Do your own research THEN ask questions. (Search as many sources as you can, don’t just read popular opinion pieces from buzzfeed or twitter that aim to polarize and evoke reactions. Its called buzzfeed for a reason people!!!)

-Go to the direct source! Ask the people who belong to the culture(s)! This is extremely important. No person is unbiased but I feel its best to talk to groups that are concerned & let them speak. It's important to do research first so you can avoid asking offensive questions.

- Work within the communities that are concerned. ( I go to temples, mosques and cultural centers to offer my services, educate and/or volunteer.) Do not try to profit from these experiences, think of them as enrichment working within a cultural space to build your experience.

-Be humble. (cultural conversations are difficult, put aside your ego to hear the voices of marginalized people.) Look into the language of gaslighting, microaggressions and covert racism! Be sure you know the signs so you are able to walk away and protect your mental health if someone is clearly displaying these tactics, its not worth it.