Henna for Men?

Updated: Apr 20

I present a brief interview I conducted for my gender studies class and independent studies. Henna across genders and cultures from a Moroccan perspective. I interviewed an anonymous male identifying subject to gain an insider perspective. Please keep commentary respectful, this is just one unique perspective, I will give my thoughts from a western perspective at the end.

I understand you are from Morocco. Where did you grow up?

—-> In Casablanca, Casablanca is the biggest city in morocco, is a port city and commercial hub in western Morocco.

You mentioned Morocco is a good place to visit and not live, why is that?

—-> Because there is a lot of corruption there, legal prostitution( under the table) the crime rate is increasing from year to year. ( plz check the links attached)

Where in Morocco would you recommend visiting as a tourist?

—-> South of morocco: like Agadir, Dakhla, taghazout, Tanger, chefchaoun. ( still two more touristique place like marrakech and Fes but not safe)

How long have you been in the United States? Do you like it here better? Why or why not?</