Meet Moonchild Mehndi

Hello and thank you for your interest in my artwork!

My name is Mishelle & I have a passion for henna art & love of humanity that I would like to share with you.

I am old soul & non-conformist. Born & raised in Miami-Dade I grew up around diverse cultures & colorful art. My upbringing encouraged me to ask questions and follow my artistic curiosity. I discovered natural henna 10 years ago through my love of nature, cultures & body art expression.

My artistic vision is to counteract ideas of toxic society & conformity to highlight individual expression while I pay tribute to an ancient art form. Through art I hope to address difficult issues like sex, racism and mental illness. Life is too short to be boring or follow rules I didn’t agree to!

Sexuality, self-harm, mental health, illness, gender, class and racism are a few topics of great interest to me that I want to address through my work. I want to better understand the human condition through contact facilitated by my artwork.

I wish to see change in this world through empathy, clearer understanding and beautiful artwork. My dream is to open a non-profit organization where I can help bring peace/ joy/healing/beauty to people’s lives through my henna art. I believe my purpose is to be of service to others. To connect & lift people up! Sometimes it’s a simple smile and just listening, sometimes it’s the artwork that serves as a calming meditation. The residual stain is the mantra, meditation or joyful blessing that my clients take with them. And then it fades away, because beauty is fleeting and impermanent. As human beings we are all beautifully different yet the same. We all want love and happiness! My travels and life experience have led me to believe that we each have a unique purpose in this lifetime.  I want to encourage people to be themselves in a time where our identities can be lost by fear through social media or influenced by societal pressures.

I want to encourage empathy through mutual respect and cultural sharing. Henna art is my preferred medium, but I don’t ever want to detract from the rich-cultural background henna has by declaring it as my own.  I am merely a vessel to share this beautiful art form with ALL people.  Henna has been used for thousands of years by many people both medically and decoratively.  It is my life’s joy to keep this wonderful tradition alive! It is believed that henna originated in Ancient Egypt about 9000 years ago.  India, Pakistan, Africa and the Middle East have practiced henna f