My honest, unauthorized review of the ICNHA HENNA Exam!

Under their terms I will NOT be sharing questions, answers or logins but just sharing about my general experience and take aways from taking this exam. 

I just finished my exam and I decided to sit down and write about it while its still FRESH in my mind! Let us begin!

What the HECK is it? According to their website: ICNHA stands for International Certificate for Natural Henna Arts.  It is a volunteer peer assessment for henna artists to certify they use only natural henna and understand cultural and traditional uses of henna.  

The ICNHA is made up of 4 professional henna artists Jen Schafer, Neeta Sharma, Deborah Brommer, Kim Brennan and one web admin, Sarah Pritchard.  This Certificate neither permits nor forbids anyone to do henna art.  It is a certificate that shows that the henna artist correctly answered a series of questions about basic henna principles. It enables the public to be sure they are in the company of professional and responsible artists.  It is NOT a legal document and is not a license to do henna! 

THE JUICE: This exam has been hotly debated in the henna community for a while..  Many are divided.  And to be honest, I was a skeptic too.  I thought, why should I do this test that doesn’t really mean anything legally?  The certification is not endorsed as such on their website, they are very clear they aren’t a governing body.  There is no legal certification to do henna in the USA. There are other options to take henna courses online like Ash Kumar Academy but he pushes his own branding hardcore.  Also, the general henna client likely has never heard of the ICNHA and probably won’t know what it means. They will, however hear the word "certified” when you tell them or if they ask, and might think your more professional and trustworthy because of it! If you don’t want to say anything, you can print your certificate for clients to see it in your booth! I have actually had henna customers who have gone to a ICNHA certified henna artist before me and they asked if I too was certified.  I wasn’t and was clear I didn’t do the exam but still was professional with my ingredients and application plus insurance so the client trusted me without it!  So you can absolutely still be considered a professional without this certification. 

Super honest time! I procrastinated taking this exam because I was being a wee bit cheap and lazy.  I thought, “Why would I spend time and money (40$) proving that I know *everything* (theres no such thing as knowing everything about henna LOL) when I’m hungry and could buy a weeks worth of groceries with that amount?” I was a little nervous too: what if I had become comfortable with the knowledge I have already accumulated on henna over the past 10 years?  What if I fail and then I feel like a fraud!? (Typical virgoan perfectionist test anxiety!) You need a 95 or higher to pass this 100 question exam so theres not much room for erro