Moonchild Made, 6 Henna Cones

Moonchild Made, 6 Henna Cones


Bundle of six 20 gram cones with pins. Ships out March 1st after charging in the full snow moon on February 27.  


Long and skinny cones are awkward to hold and control, so I designed these delicious cones short & plump, built for comfort and ease!


Perfect for beginners and professionals alike: the shorter design takes some strain off your wrist and gets you closer to the design. Pull the pin and control the flow of henna with your thumb!


Ingredients: Niaouli oil, Lavender oil, organic Lemon, distilled water, vegan sugar, molasses and Organic Rajasthani Henna powder.


Henna paste is charged under the full moon with natural stones during dye release to absorb metaphysical properties. 


Product is organic, therefore perishable. Must be shipped via Priority mail or picked up locally in Miami Shores for best results!

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